Dealer of Steel Building FramesProud Dealer Of Worldwide Steel Building Frames

On our mission to stand out from other builders and provide the strongest structures, we have proudly become a Worldwide Steel Buildings authorized dealer. All steel structures can be appreciated for their ability to withstand fire and termites, simplify commercial permitting, and gain desired headroom that cannot be achieved with wood trusses without raising the eave wall height. For instance, a wood framed structure would require a 12’ tall eave wall to accommodate a 10’ tall overhead door on the gable wall. A steel framed structure, however, can accommodate a 12’ tall overhead door on the gable with a 10’ tall eave wall height (based on a centered door on a 30’ wide structure).

Our alliance with Worldwide Steel buildings allows us to purchase a complete frame and hardware system from them at distributer rates. We then install our quality building components. This allows YOU a one stop shop for the building package, concrete pier foundation (required for steel frames), and crew to erect. This keeps your costs low. BOSS Sheds is happy to provide many services to assist you in a comfortable Worldwide Steel Building experience.

These structures are great for commercial (all Worldwide structures come pre-engineered), agricultural, industrial, workshop, or even creating a lofty, new home.

Worldwide Steel Buildings is a local Kansas City, Metro company just like us, insuring us (and You!) the service and workmanship that meets BOSS Sheds standards.

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