BOSS Sheds barns come with Solar Blocker Energy Star, single hung or horizontal sliding, white vinyl insulated windows, unless otherwise stated. These windows are also available in the colors of Classic Clay, and Desert Sand for no additional charge. Upgrade options include grids and Low-E, Argon gas fill. Other windows available by request or owner supply.

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BOSS Sheds highly recommends a moisture barrier of some sort for your metal roof, whether it be our Solex barrier or our Reflect-R insulation. Metal roofs will condensate during the summer and frost during the winter which can create mold and eventually damage the wood frame work of your structure. If you plan on eventually spray foaming your structure, then Solex on the roof and house wrap on the walls is a must and should be discussed at the time of your initial estimate. BOSS Sheds offers full insulation with our Reflect-R insulation wrap and our customers love it.


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Reflect-R Insulation

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Cupolas are an excellent way to dress up your barn and add a bit of character. BOSS Sheds offers 24”, 36”, and 48” cupolas. These come with louvered sides and a 30” weathervane. Upgrades to different sized and shaped weathervanes and glass sided cupolas are available. Just ask!

BOSS Sheds offers 12”, 16”, 18”, and 24” Steel soffits, though 12” is our standard and most popular option. Soffit improves overall building appearances by concealing the truss or framing. It provides weather protection, prevents mold and rotting beams and offers an avenue for attic ventilation. Our soffit is available in all 28 colors and is roll formed in 29 gauge steel with a “V” groove every 6 inches.

When choosing a lean-to or porch there are several very important factors to keep in mind.

  • Will your lean-to roof plain-into your main roof or does it need to drop down and be flashed into the wall?
  • What kind of head room are you in need of?
  • Ceiling or open framing?
  • Soffit?
  • Gutter?
  • Would you like it to wrap around a corner?
  • Would you like concrete poured underneath?

Wainscoting is a 3’ strip of panels along the bottom of your exterior walls that typically is a different color than the panels above. Wainscoting is usually colored to match the roof. It adds style and character to a barn but also serves an important protective function. Over time, while moving cars or livestock through and around your structure, the lower wall panels may acquire some dents and dings that can wear your paint down. Weed eaters and moves can send rocks into the panels as well. This type of damage is not covered under warranty. Replacing full wall panels can get expensive, while replacing a 3’ piece is cheap and easy. It’s well worth the investment. Additional beauty may be added by upgrading to stone wainscot.