BOSS Door Systems has the door to fit your needs and our in-house carpenters have the skills to install them. Whether your existing door is worn out and needs replaced or you want to add an entirely different size or style of door, BOSS Door Systems can retrofit a new door scenario to fit your needs.

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It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3, when choosing a garage door for you next Boss Shed. Our Standard garage door options keep it simple by offering a variety at no additional cost.

Step 1: Choose Your Style

Insulated Steel Back

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Insulated Soft Back

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Step 2: Pick Between 7 Patterns

Handles, Hinges, and Windows Are Extra

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Flush Panel

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Grooved Panel

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Long Grooved Panel

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Long Recessed Panel

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Raised Ranch Panel

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Traditional Raised

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Short Recessed Panel

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Step 3: Pick A Color

Select the color that best fits and yes no extra charge.
Minimal up charge for wood grains and Black Doors

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Sliding doors can have many advantages over standard overhead doors. For oversized doors, such as say, a 24’x14’, a sliding door is going to be much cheaper than an overhead door. Modern sliding doors, when properly installed, are more maintenance free and, when damaged, easier to repair. Replacing a panel on a sliding door requires unscrewing a steel panel and replacing it with a new one as opposed to a specialized installer having to unstack and re-stack an overhead door. For these reasons, they are often used for (and look great on) equestrian and livestock barns. Sliding doors also typically require less headroom than overhead doors so taller doors are achievable without raising the height of a building.

Standard sliding doors through BOSS Door Systems may be single or split, depending on necessity or desire, and typically come with white frames, though color match frames are available as an upgrade. Decorative crossbucks are also available to add additional beauty and character. While our sliding doors do seal up quite nicely, they will never be able to seal as tightly as an overhead door. We only use the best components including steel girts when assembling our sliding doors so they are light weight and smooth operating.

Factory Built Dutch doors are far more appealing and durable than the typical barn builder assembled doors. These doors are built to be used around livestock and to withstand the damages associated with cattle and horses as they are one piece, laser cut, 16 gauge steel.


Like the sliding doors, these can be an awesome looking addition to you next horse barn!

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Your next (or existing) equestrian structure would be incomplete without proper, safe, attractive, and functional stall fronts. Stall front kits are an economical way to build your stalls and BOSS Sheds has access to a variety of fully customizable, powder coated grill sections, stall doors, and hardware.

Boss Sheds Solid Steel framed stock walk doors are primarily used for our pole barns, but there are endless walk door styles and sizes available, all you have to do is point us in the right direction and we will find a door that suits your tastes and style. When building a home with BOSS Sheds we encourage you to choose and purchase your own walk doors for us to install.

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Our Partner Series Doors Feature:

  • Pre-hung 4-way universal swing
  • 1-3/4” thick door pressure injected with polyurethane foam creating an R-11 Insulation value.
  • Dead bolt prepped.
  • Reinforcement block at location of entry lock.
  • Sill is a low profile design, which complies with ADA handicap accessible guidelines.
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel exterior which is polyester

Painted and baked for a durable, lasting finish.

  • Flush design-rolled edged for style, strength, and corrosion resistance.