“Workshops” covers a wide variety of usages and meaning. We’ve built a variety of shops including, honey processing house, custom woodworking shop, food truck supply house/kitchen, race car team clubhouse, and many, many more.

Man-Caves and She-Sheds are gaining popularity, especially in the cities, where space is limited and permitting can be a real headache. Every hobbyist needs his or her own space to display their passion and every backyard mechanic dreams of his own customized shop. We know this because we’ve fulfilled those dreams time and time again. Need a place to put that car lift you’ve always wanted? We’ll get you set up with what you need for clearance and what you need for those lift supports.

As a premier Kansas City barn builder, we can foresee many issues that may arise and address them in the planning stages instead of coming across a surprise expense down the road.