Why The Change?

Cost to build now vs when Pole Buildings 1st became so popular.

Material cost have risen drastically over the past few decades while individual income seems to lag behind the inflation rate, giving you more reason to protect your investments. Not to mention that the uses of pole barns have changed universally and become much more urbanely desirable with all the new available options to dress them up to compliment your home on the farm, estate lot, commercial property, or even smack in the middle of the city.

Why the Change?

Our Changes now are too protect your investment for the future. BOSS Sheds has now eliminated its post-in-ground building method from our available services. We are not claiming that this type of building method is wrong. We have just decided that there is a better, alternative method that can eliminate future issues that may occur with post-in-ground structures such as rot, post-settling, uplift issues, etc. Post in ground buildings can be extremely strong when they are first built but wear and tear can drastically take that quality away.

With post-in-ground structures it can be difficult to achieve the uplift factor that many choose to forget is the most important element when building a large, light-weight structure. The reason for the post framed structure is to keep cost at a minimum while still having the tall sides and large square footage without having to build a very expensive conventional style structure or all steel. The majority of the pole barn builders in the country are not applying the proper amount of concrete around or under the structure’s post to achieve even close to engineering requirements. Post framed structures are strongest when they have solid concrete backfill. Unfortunately, that can complicate the building method, causing the majority of the post-in-ground builders to simply place 1-2 bags of dry concrete under the post and maybe 1-2 bags around the post. If you’re really lucky they may attach a block to the side of the post or drill a hole through the bottom of the post for a rebar anchor. This is where no one can guarantee consistent workmanship, as humans get tired causing them to physically not compact the dirt around the poles properly. Inconsistent soil condition can also affect the strength of your barn when they are too wet, too rocky, too lose, or un-compacted.